Social involvement policy

At present, LW Bogdanka is the only coal mining enterprise 
in the Lublin region.

Therefore, all the business decisions, such as regarding employee recruitment, payroll or mining production volumes translate into an even stronger impact on the local community. There are no other mining enterprises in this area.

In view of this fact, Bogdanka undertakes numerous measures in support of local community development.  It cooperates with industry schools, following dedicated apprenticeship and scholarship programs, as well as provides substantive support to teaching staff. It also collaborates with local educational and research establishments, striving to ensure the highest level of formal and non-formal education. Further activities include promotion of disease prevention and good health, by including local stakeholders in organizing or co-organizing prevention campaigns, co-financing of state-of-the-art equipment for hospitals in the region, grants to organizations advocating health and providing care to individuals suffering from diseases.

Its activities addressed to the local community are governed by LW Bogdanka S.A.’s Social Involvement Policy, which spans a grant fund, social and cultural sponsorship, CSR cooperation as well as other forms of social involvement. The Policy sets out information on Bogdanka’s priorities in the area of local collaboration, examples of activities it supports, as well as the detailed application procedure.

LW Bogdanka S.A.’s social involvement policy is a document which regulates making of donations, joining social and cultural sponsorship initiatives, CSR and other forms of community involvement (e.g. employee volunteering, charitable auctions, etc.) by the LW Bogdanka S.A. Company. Importantly, each form of collaboration requires a different application form to be filled out - please use the right form to contact us.

Documents for download:

Social Commitment Policy [DOWNLOAD]