How to apply for support?

The Foundation provides in-kind or financial donations - the granting procedure starts with the correctly submitted application
describing the situation which the individual or the legal persons asks to be addressed. 

1. To receive support, an application should be made to the Management Board, in the form of a standard letter, giving the following information:

  • details of the Applicant, including first name and surname, address, contact details (telephone number, e-mail address)
  • account number
  • information on whether the Applicant is an employee of LW Bogdanka Group or of a subcontractor company
  • description of the life circumstances the Applicant needs assistance for
  • description of the specific purpose of the donation
  • proposed form of the donation (reimbursement of expenses incurred, payment of a pro forma invoice directly to the service provider, etc.) 

2. The Application should be accompanied by supporting documents validating the need for financial support - in particular copies of medical and accounting records (invoices, receipts) to prove the incurred or estimated expenses. If the Application refers to the co-financing of a purchase of, for example, equipment or surgery for which the Applicant is collecting funds, the Application should be accompanied by a cost valuation (an offer, price calculation).

3. The Application must be accompanied by a signed (1) GDPR representation, and (2) declaration that the expenditure applied for is not being financed from other sources (press below to download).

4. When reviewing the application, the Foundation Management Board’ may:

  • request the Applicant to provide additional documents
  • conduct an on-site visit
  • conduct community interviews

5. Having approved the Applicant’s letter, the Management Board adopts a Resolution and notifies the Beneficiary of its decision, by phone, email or SMS. 
The donation may be suspended or withdrawn if it is being misused and/or is ineffective. If the assistance should continue, the Applicant should apply for its extension, yet not earlier than one month prior to the end of the preceding period.
If the application requests purchase of equipment/devices, the Beneficiary shall provide copies of purchase invoices to the Foundation. The Foundation may waive the obligation to present an invoice, but it reserves the right to conduct an on-site visit.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at:

Whom do we help?

Whom do we help?

  • are in a difficult financial situation, due to low earnings or unexpected adverse events
  • need to purchase equipment or adapt the layout or sanitary facilities in their homes because of their own health or health of a family member
  • are unable to finance education of their child/children
  • are unable to cover the cost of treatment, medical appointments or rehabilitation
  • do not have financial means to cover costs of providing adequate conditions of school holidays to their child/children or additional educational opportunities for a highly gifted child/children
  • must purchase equipment or services due to environmental needs
  • need additional financing for food or school supplies for a child/children from impoverished families.

Documents for download:

GDPR information clause [DOWNLOAD]
Declaration that the expenditure applied for is not being financed from other sources [DOWNLOAD]

The documents should be submitted:

  • by e-mail: please send scans to the following email address: 
  • in person in the Management Board Office building in Bogdanka or in the building of Łęczyńska Energetyka (1st floor)
  • by mail or courier mail to the following address:

      Solidary Miners Foundation in Bogdanka
      Management Board Office Building
      Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.
      Bogdanka 45
      21-013 Puchaczów