Activities of the Foundation

The Foundation has been established to:

  1. conduct comprehensive activities in the area of child development, health protection and saving children’s lives
  2. advance and conduct health-related, educational and charitable initiatives
  3. provide assistance to persons who are suffering from disease, in particular former miners injured in accidents and their disadvantaged families
  4. provide assistance to persons in need of expensive medical procedures
  5. provide assistance to hospitals and other health care establishments
  6. provide assistance to persons who have found themselves in life or financial difficulties, in particular children and young people
  7. provide assistance to pedagogical, educational and care facilities, as well as other institutions of social and community importance
  8. provide assistance to victims of catastrophes, accidents and natural disasters 

The Foundation pursues its goals by:

  1. providing financial and in-kind assistance to persons in life difficulties
  2. providing organizational, in-kind and financial support to hospitals, other health care establishments, as well as pedagogical, educational and care facilities as regards purchase of medical devices, medicines and equipment
  3. providing organizational, in-kind and financial support, as well as participation in investment projects, in particular projects to construct, renovate or modernize health care facilities or social care facilities
  4. financing of the purchase of necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment for persons who found themselves in life difficulties 

The Foundation reaches out with its assistance where possibly no one else could ever reach out, including to persons who did know how to ask or were ashamed to ask for donation. In such situations, knowing your local community and its problems is key. We draw on our long-developed network of partner organizations and institutions; when cooperating with them, we create synergies and a unique support system.

Unfailingly, we encourage persons in life difficulties, or who know of someone in difficulties, to approach the Foundation for assistance. When providing our help, we observe the best standards of personal data protection, and make sure the assistance is well-matched with real needs. We decide on the form, purpose and scope of the assistance together with the beneficiaries. So that every penny is spent wisely and effectively. 

In 2021, the Foundation provided support to 51 individuals and institutions. Invariably, health remained the most important area of support.

38 people – employees, pensioners or members of their families – received funding for medical treatment, rehabilitation, surgeries and procedures, or respite stays. Two beneficiaries were able to adapt their homes to meet the needs of people with disabilities thanks to the Foundation's support. Parents of children with disabilities have the chance to receive reimbursement of the costs of treatments (sometimes expensive and unaffordable), medicines or equipment.

We provided educational bursaries to children who have lost their parent - one of the Coal Mine’s employee, thus motivating them to perform well at school, and providing financial support to vulnerable families. We organized two Mine-wide collection of funds events for families of our employees who passed away in the year before, which together collected over PLN 80 thousand. This financial assistance went straight to their families.

The Solidary Miners Foundation is also active in the community - we do not forget about health and care facilities that fought during the Covid-19 pandemic to save the health and lives of our loved ones. For the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin, we purchased medical equipment of the value of PLN 30 thousand.

Another important project, also addressing the effects of the pandemic from the human perspective, is the Consulting and Information Desk for Persons Suffering from Addictions, started in 2021 and continued in 2022. The Desk operates in the County Family Assistance Center in Łęczna. It responds to important social needs as regards prevention and resolution of alcohol and drug problems, as well as prevention of domestic violence in the Łęczna County.