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About Bogdanka

About us - episode 1

As a presentation of Bogdanka coal mine, the successive episodes will visit individual departments, introduce our Employees and show their work.
Episode 1: Rail Transport Department. With approximately 100 crew, this department does whatever is required for the coal to timely reach all customers. And - as they say - they can work wonders.

About us - episode 2

In this episode, we take a peek into a mechanical maintenance workshop underground. However, before we get there, we check if the generators work fine, what’s happening on the longwall shearer, who operates the coal-cutting machine and where do the transport carriages go for maintenance?



About us - episode 3

What are the tasks of the mining process technologies department, what are its achievements and what challenges lie ahead?



About us - episode 4

Mining shafts are among the most visible elements of coal mines. They are used to transport coal up to the surface. The shaft opened in Stefanów in 2011 is one of the youngest and tallest in Poland.


About us - episode 5

taken 990 meters underground, journalists watched miners work at the final section of the state-of-the-art mining longwall in the Stefanów Field. The smart longwall furnished with technologies, such as the Internet of Things, impressed the visitors, for whom it was first visit underground.


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