The Management Board of Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. makes in-kind or monetary donations in order to support socially-beneficial goals pursued by various actors (legal persons and organizational units not holding legal personality) from the local community, and thus to respond to social problems and needs, supporting the relevant organizations in pursuit of these objectives.

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Before you submit your donation request, please read the following documents:

  • rules of granting donations
  • donation request form
  • donation report form

Note - recent update! Below you will find the most recent donation rules currently in force, introduced in January 2024:

Documents for download:

Rules of granting donations LWB [DOWNLOAD]
Donation request form [DOWNLOAD]
Donation request form (editable) [POBIERZ]
Donation report form [DOWNLOAD]
Donation report form (editable) [DOWNLOAD]