Integrated Management System Policy

Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives

Policy for the Integrated OHS, Quality and Environmental Management System

Our overriding values in our business are: responsibility, ethics, professionalism and transparency. These values ensure the harmonious development of the Company, pursuing its business goals with the highest standards and a proactive attitude related to environmental performance, occupational safety and community relations.

With this document, we accept the commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards for all the products we produce and manufacture. Given the special nature of the Company's operations, we are also mindful of protecting the environment and reducing undesirable environmental impacts, as well as ensuring and prioritizing the occupational safety of our employees and those who work for or on behalf of the Company.

The implementation of the above declarations is guaranteed by the attention of the top management to ensure the resources, including the means, necessary to improve the competence and motivation of all of the Company’s employees.

Taking into account the Corporate Strategy, we declare that we will make all efforts to:

  • maintain a strong and stable position in the industry through continuous improvement of the organization in all areas, while satisfying the needs and requirements of the current and future clients
  • develop close and mutually beneficial relations with customers, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders not only in the area of production quality, but also in the area of the environmental protection and OHS
  • ensure full compliance of operations with the applicable standards, legal and other requirements
  • prevent pollution by minimizing negative environmental impacts, with the aim of improving the environmental effects of its activities, eliminating threats and mitigating risks to occupational health and safety
  • continuously improve the condition of occupational health and safety in order to prevent work-related injuries and health problems
  • ensure the possibility of engaging the individuals working under the company’s supervision or their representatives in the maintenance and improvement of the management system by providing solutions for consultation and collaboration in these OHS-related topics

The coordination of and oversight over the effective implementation of the Policy will be conducted as part of the Integrated Quality, Environmental and OHS Management System conforming to the requirements of the standards that form the foundation of the system: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

The Integrated Management System Policy has been developed together with the representatives of the Company’s employees and top management. It is known to the management personnel and the entire staff and has been made available to all interested parties.

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