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Circular economy - no longer a choice, but a necessity

Representatives of business, local governments, universities and research centres from across Poland participated in the "Circular economy - no longer a choice, but a necessity" conference in Lublin on 21 February 2024. The event was organized by Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., Coordinator of the Lublin Region Circular Economy Cluster.

The circular economy, which is becoming the basis for growth and the future of innovative economies, in addition to investing in renewable energy sources, represents a huge opportunity for business - to the benefit of the environment. Among other things, these are new opportunities for companies to develop technological facilities, seek optimal solutions, and build competencies and competitive advantages. 
The conference featured a large dose of practice, including a discussion of pioneering CE projects implemented by the Organizers. An important issue raised during the speeches was the use of Carboniferous shale from LW Bogdanka S.A. for the production of ceramic building materials and fertilizers, which is an example of sustainable use of natural resources and reduction of mining waste. The highlight of this part of the conference was the ceremonial signing of a letter of intent between Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka and Taylor Sp. z o.o. regarding the use of mining waste from Bogdanka for the production of bio-fertilizers. This cooperation will contribute significantly to cleaning up the environment and generating additional financial revenues for the mine. According to the assumptions, Taylor will collect 100,000 tons of shale from the mine annually.

I am glad that CE is being discussed today in the Lublin region in such large numbers. Circular Economy projects, are one of the pillars of Bogdanka's new Strategy based on sustainable development. The agreement signed today is evidence of Bogdanka's concrete actions. The Taylor-related initiative shows that the waste accumulated in the spoil tip does not have to lie there. It can be used for production of fertilizers or in the construction and ceramics industries. These types of activities, such as the sale of the shale, allow us to earn real money, which we will reinvest.

 commented Kasjan Wyligała, President of the Management Board. 

Panel discussions also included topics related to innovative technologies, including biogas plants, which are an important part of the energy transition. Discussions also pertained to the use of fly ash as a raw material in the construction industry, which can help reduce waste and increase production efficiency in construction. In addition, zero-waste ideas in interior design were presented. According to the speakers, this is a step toward more sustainable operations, where waste generation is minimized and reuse of materials is promoted.

We probably all know that Bogdanka is the engine of the Lublin region and that our Company is a pillar of energy security. But Bogdanka is also a very good neighbor that takes care of its environment. Last year the Company signed a nationally unique cooperation agreement with the Polesie National Park. The mine has a thriving Scientific Council for Environmental Protection. Time and again, the Council develops new educational projects. So Bogdanka has been proving for many years that it can take specific actions for sustainable development. Our Company wants to be an example for other mining companies on how to exemplarily go through the process of transition from a steam coal producer to a company with a strong pillar in the form of CE solutions and renewable energy sources. Our pilot photovoltaic farm has been in operation since last year, and we plan to launch more, with a total ultimate capacity of 500 MW. We are developing multi-commodity projects, which is also confirmed, for example, by last year's cooperation agreement with KGHM Polska Miedź.

said Kasjan Wyligała, President of the LW Bogdanka Management Board.

Partners of the conference included: the Lubelskie Voivodeship, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin Science and Technology Park, PGE Dystrybucja, Zakłady Azotowe Puławy, Polish Economic Society and Lublin Business Club.

The Lublin Region Circular Economy Cluster was established in May 2023. The Cluster’s goals include the development of existing waste streams for the production of other products including energy and fuels, the reduction of pollutant emissions and the development of research and development activities and investment attractiveness in the region and education and training activities, raising awareness and developing competencies. Entities that see an opportunity for development in joining the CE Cluster can do so by contacting the Company...

LW Bogdanka S.A. highlights

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. is a leading hard coal producer in Poland that stands apart from its peers in terms of its modern and efficient mining. It is one of the largest Polish hard coal mines. Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. chiefly conducts mining operations in terms of hard coal extraction, enrichment and sales. It supplies this raw material mainly to industrial offtakers. Supply contracts are long-term, and the product is sold to the commercial power sector and the industrial power sector.

The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since June of 2009. In August 2022, Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. returned to listing on the WIG-ESG Index.

Since October of 2015 Bogdanka has been a member of the Enea Group, the second largest player on Poland’s electrical power market in terms of the generation of electricity, which manages the entire value chain on the electricity market ranging from fuel to the generation of electricity, distribution, sales (supply) and customer service.