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Festive St. Barbara's Day at Bogdanka

Traditionally, on 4 December, St. Barbara's Day, the mining community at LW Bogdanka celebrated the Miners' Day. The event was an opportunity for the presentation of 287 awards and distinctions, the official unveiling of the Miners' Memorial Monument and expressing wishes on the occasion.

The official celebration of St. Barbara's Day began with the morning concert of the Łęczna miners' orchestra and a mass celebrated by Archbishop Stanisław Budzik at the parish church in Puchaczów. Participants in the mass then went to Bogdanka, where a new monument erected in tribute to the tragically deceased miners and all Bogdanka's employees who left for the eternal watch was unveiled.  The official part ended with an academy at the Pithead Building, during which 287 awards and distinctions were presented. Among them were gold, silver and bronze medals bestowed by the President of the Republic of Poland, "Meritorious Contributions to Mining" medals and mining ranks awarded by the Voivodeship Mining Authority, medals prepared by trade unions and the Central Mine Rescue Station, and miner’s swords bestowed by LW Bogdanka's CEO.

On the occasion of the miners' holiday, I would like to wish our Employees and their Families prosperity and safe work every day.  From the perspective of the Management Board, looking at the mining plans we are developing, I know that Bogdanka has excellent years of development ahead of it. On this special day I wish you joy and satisfaction from all the achievements we have realized together in the past year. I thank you for the extraordinary effort you have put into the development of our mine.  The record longwall progress, the company’s excellent financial results, as well as the exemplary mining of coal from our 4 longwalls, despite many geological difficulties - are the result of tremendous effort, dedication and professionalism of each of you.  May Saint Barbara protect you and the entire Polish mining industry.

 concluded Kasjan Wyligała, President of the LW Bogdanka Management Board.

On the occasion of St. Barbara's Day, I would like to wish all miners at our mine and throughout Poland stability in the raw materials and energy market.  If this stability is there, companies like ours will be able to safely implement their long-term strategic plans and safely plan their financial and technical endeavors.  Today, when our world is experiencing two wars, an energy crisis and numerous economic threats, we need peace and tranquility.  Therefore, while thanking all the Company's employees for their systematic, persistent work every day, I wish that this Barbórka be a time of joy, rest and well-deserved celebration for you. God bless!

said Artur Wasilewski, Vice-President of the Management Board of LW Bogdanka for Economic and Financial Affairs. 

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for every ton of coal, every sacrifice, every trip underground and every gesture you put into the development of our mine. It is thanks to excellent cooperation and mutual respect that we were able to achieve record revenues from coal sales this year.  Together we are also creating a new green history for Bogdanka. I firmly believe that the new strategy, which has been repeatedly awarded throughout Poland for its ambition and bold solutions, will be a model for other companies on how to efficiently and effectively go through the transformation process.  Behind us are our first commissioned RES investment projects, including our first photovoltaic farm.  We will announce more successes soon.  So I wish all of Bogdanka continue to invest resiliently in its development and carry out its ambitious plans as the driving force of the entire Lublin Region.

 said Dariusz Dumkiewicz, Vice-President of the Management Board for Sales and Investments at LW Bogdanka.

On this beautiful, festive day, I would like to wish all miners and their families all the best and much perseverance in their difficult and dangerous work. May our patron saint, Saint Barbara always surround you with protection and ensure your safety underground. I would also like to express our gratitude for your hard work and dedication during the past year, full of many mining challenges.  Your efforts were and are the foundation of many of the mine's successes this year, so may the Miners' Day be a time of well-deserved rest for you and your families

 said Adam Partyka, Vice-President of the LW Bogdanka Management Board for Labor and Social Affairs.

LW Bogdanka S.A. highlights

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. is a leading hard coal producer in Poland that stands apart from its peers in terms of its modern and efficient mining. It is one of the largest Polish hard coal mines. Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. chiefly conducts mining operations in terms of hard coal extraction, enrichment and sales. It supplies this raw material mainly to industrial offtakers. Supply contracts are long-term, and the product is sold to the commercial power sector and the industrial power sector.

The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since June of 2009. In August 2022, Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. returned to listing on the WIG-ESG Index.

Since October of 2015 Bogdanka has been a member of the Enea Group, the second largest player on Poland’s electrical power market in terms of the generation of electricity, which manages the entire value chain on the electricity market ranging from fuel to the generation of electricity, distribution, sales (supply) and customer service.