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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.
We build value on our commitment to sustainable growth, which enables us to strengthen our competitive advantage and earn trust of all groups of our stakeholders.

stopa We are a Polish coal mining company. Many years of work, commitment and innovative solutions have earned us the position of an unquestionable leader in our market segment and the status of one of the major companies in south-east Poland. Therefore, we believe we have certain obligations.
We make a continued effort to build on the goodwill developed over the years by having a dynamic team and a clear and honest relationship with our partners and by treating the local community and the environment in a responsible manner. This is how we create the image of our company, which is priceless both for us and for our shareholders and stakeholders.
We strive to achieve sustainable value growth as we are aware that the same objectives will continue to be our responsibility in the future. Our proactive attitude and involvement in the process of sustainable development should strengthen our competitive advantage and earn the confidence of investors.
We keep working on deepening the dialogue with our environment to find out about its expectations and take care of nature, not only in our immediate vicinity, but also on a global scale. We also continue to develop responsible interaction with our employees and partners, acting in accordance with applicable laws, internal regulations, and good practice. In this process, we are guided by our Code of Ethics, which is a set of standards and values shared across the Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka Group.

Zbigniew Stopa
President of the Management Board

Our Mission is to:


Reinforce our position of a leading producer and supplier of hard coal for the power sector which demonstrates the highest standards in the areas of work safety, environment protection and innovation, able to keep competitive advantage to ensure the sustainable growth of our Company’s value.


Our imperatives:


Integrity, professionalism and responsibility – these values ensure the well-balanced development of our company, which follows its own path to accomplish business objectives in harmony with the expectations of our community and the needs of nature.



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