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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Convening of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Thursday, 2013-05-30
The Management Board of Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. with registered office in Bogdanka (the "Company"), acting under Article 395 and 399.1 of the Commercial Companies Code, and under Article 44.2 of the Company's Articles of Association, hereby convenes the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. in Bogdanka, to be held on 27 June 2012 at 11.00 am, in the Company's offices in Bogdanka (Offices of the Management Board).

The Management Board's dividend proposal for 2012

Wednesday, 2013-05-29
The Management Board of Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. ("Company") with registered office in Bogdanka, evaluated positively the motion of the Management Board to the General Shareholders Meeting regarding distribution of net profit for the financial year 2012.

Summary of Q1 2013 – in line with the assumptions

Thursday, 2013-05-09
In Q1 2013, the Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA Group, in which Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. - the most modern and effective hard coal mine in Poland and the national leader in the power coal producers market - is the parent company, generated revenue on sales in the amount of nearly PLN 430.8 million, operating profit reaching PLN 87.4 million and net profit in the amount of PLN 69.9 million.  The Company's results are in line with the assumptions.

Extraction at the level of 2.03 million tonnes reached in Q1 2013, i.e. at a level comparable to the last year's result, was also in line with the Company's assumptions.

The current high level of extraction is the effect of a consistently pursued strategy, the key objective of which is to increase extraction to about 11.5 million tonnes per annum once the investment in the Stefanów Field is completed (from almost 5.84 million tonnes in 2011), thus doubling the share in the market of hard coal producers in Poland.

At the end of 2012, the Company's share in sales in the national power coal market reached over 14%, compared to approx. 10% at the end of 2011.

Letter of intent - New coal power plant in the Lublin region

Wednesday, 2013-05-08
Elektrownia Połaniec S.A. - GDF Suez Energia Polska and LW Bogdanka S.A. signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the construction of a coal power plant in the Lublin region.

LW BOGDANKA – Extraction of 2.03 million tonnes of coal in the first quarter of 2013

Thursday, 2013-04-11
Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A., the most modern and effective hard coal mine in Poland, as well as the domestic leader on the power coal producers market, recorded in the first quarter of 2013 extraction of 2.03 million tonnes, i.e. a level similar to that achieved in the previous year. Extraction after the first quarter of 2013 complies with the Company’s assumptions.

Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. after 2012

Thursday, 2013-03-21
The Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA Group, whose Parent Company is Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. – Poland’s most modern and efficient hard coal mine, standing at the forefront of Polish power coal producers, in 2012 generated the revenue of more than PLN 1.8 billion, being by 41% higher than in 2011. The consolidated operating profit was higher than that achieved a year before by nearly 34.5% and amounted to PLN 357.3 million, and the Group’s net profit was PLN 289.8 million, which represents an increase by almost 31%.


Tuesday, 2013-02-12
Lubelski Węgiel BOGDANKA S.A. has entered into an agreement with Caterpillar Global Mining Europe GmbH for the supply of another longwall ploughing system. Under the agreement, the machine will be delivered to the Company by the end of 2014. Its start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014.

The Workshops Come to an End

Friday, 2013-02-01
Over 3 thousand people throughout Poland learned how to invest on the stock exchange in an informed manner.

The second series of meetings dedicated to investing on the stock exchange, organised by the Polish State Treasury and a large group of partners, ended with workshops in Krosno. During less than 4 months, the workshops were attended by 3,074 stock investors. The stock exchange experts visited in total 33 cities throughout Poland. The meetings that raised the greatest popularity were held in Krakow (250 participants), Krosno (170) and Warsaw (165).

Change in the composition of the Management Board of the 7th term of office and the appointment of the Management Board of the 8th term of office

Friday, 2013-01-25
On 25 January 2013, the Supervisory Board of the Company has adopted resolutions about change in the composition of the Management Board of the 7th term of office and the appointment of the Management Board of the 8th term of office.

Bogdanka Included in the Respect Index

Friday, 2013-01-25

On 24 January 2013,the Warsaw Stock Exchange once again nominated new laureates of the prestigious index of responsible companies - RESPECT Index. This time 20 listed companies were included to the composition of the new index.  It was the 6 time for Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. to be qualified to this group.

The new composition of the index will be effective from 1 February 2013

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