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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

President of Bogdanka's Management Board on 9th European Economic Meeting

Tuesday, 2019-10-22

This year’s 9th European Economic Meeting in Warsaw was entitled: EU’s Climate and Energy Policy “Coal in Necessary Amounts and for as Long as is Required for the Best Interest of the Economy and Citizens. Time for the Transformation of Poland’s Energy Market and Insuring Uncontrolled Renewable Generation”. Artur Wasil, President of the Management Board LW Bogdanka S.A, was one of the speakers during the conference and delivered a presentation entitled “Lubelski Węgiel for Energy Needs in Poland. Today and Tomorrow in Line With Poland’s Power Sector Challenges. The Value and Significance of Projects Related to the Power Sector in Poland”.

The President of Bogdanka's Management Board also participated in the debate “Coal in Poland’s Energy Market Today and Tomorrow”, the purpose of which was to develop a position regarding the measures necessary for protecting Polish economy from excessive costs and ensuring the competitiveness of European economy and the transparency of energy market. The appeal was addressed to Polish and European political and economic bodies, scientists, embassies, and diplomatic circles.

The main assumptions of the 6th Warsaw Appeal of the Polish Chamber of Commerce are: taking caution in attempts made at tightening EU’s climate and energy policy, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of EU ETS allowances trading scheme mechanism in relation to its influence on the global reduction of emissions, implementing tariff duties on imported resources with special emphasis on coal, leading Poland’s energy market transformation in an evolutionary way, and ensuring that European regulations introducing emission restrictions are in line with higher-ranking treaty law giving countries the right to define their own energy mix.

European Economic Meeting organised in Warsaw by the Polish Chamber of Commerce is an annual event during which such significant matters as the influence of EU’s climate and energy policy on Polish economy and citizens are discussed. Each year the conference is attended by experts representing Polish and European economy, science, energy markets, environmental protection, social partners, as well as representatives of the government, public administration, members of the parliament, political parties, embassies, diplomatic circles in Poland and the media.


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