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Lubelski Węgiel
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Enea to build state-of-the-art photovoltaic farms on Bogdanka mine land

Tuesday, 2019-10-08

Enea will build photovoltaic farms with total power of 30 MW in the Lublin region. Those modern sources of renewable energy will be erected on land belonging to the Bogdanka mine and located in the communes of Cyców and Puchaczów. The companies plan to cooperate based on the innovative cPPA model, which significantly decreases energy costs suffered by the final recipient, which is the mine. A letter of intent regarding this matter was signed by the presidents of both companies in the presence of the Vice-Minister of Investment and Economic Development, Artur Soboń.

This is yet another project which makes use of the synergic potential between Enea, a majority shareholder of Bogdanka, and the mine. Bogdanka holds land a part of which is perfectly suitable for erecting installations that would generate solar electricity. The project is in line with Enea’s plans related to rapid development of this type of sources. As part of the cooperation, installations capable of producing approximately 30,000 MWh of electric energy annually will be set up in the next few years on a total area of around 55 ha. All of the power produced in this emission-free way will be directed to Bogdanka to provide energy to the mine and its production processes.

Enea will sell the energy generated with the photovoltaic installations to Bogdanka based on the cPPA (corporate Power Purchase Agreement) model. This means that energy will be sold directly to the final recipient allowing Bogdanka to lower the costs of its purchase. Enea, in turn, as the owner of the installation will be guaranteed to sell the produced energy at a price that will be attractive to both parties.

Artur Soboń, Vice-Minister of Investment and Economic Development:

This project is significant for the implementation of Poland’s energy policy, which assumes a considerable increase of the role of renewable sources in our country’s energy mix. It also marks another clever initiative in Bogdanka, which constantly strengthens its position as the business leader in the Lublin region and responsibly plans for the future of both the company and the region. The photovoltaic farm project, which finds a purpose for the currently unused land and will provide energy for the mine, is in line with the general plan for developing an innovative energy and raw materials zone around Bogdanka. It will perfectly complement the plans for a power plant which uses synthesis gas extracted from coal. The power plant is to be located in Stara Wieś and is believed to increase demand for Bogdanka’s hard coal while also securing sales market and jobs in the mine for the years ahead.

Mirosław Kowalik, President of the Management Board of Enea:

The Enea Group consistently pursues its goals and develops both renewable and traditional energy sources in an economical manner. It is an element of a reasonable change in the sector, in which we make use of the synergies created as part of the existing chain of values and potentials of our companies. The project of photovoltaic farms near Bogdanka will constitute an appropriate usage of the mine’s land and will satisfy the demand for energy that is respectful to the environment and makes use of renewable technologies. The proposed cooperation model, cPPA, will contribute to effective use of the Group’s assets, ensure higher security of energy supply to the mine and commercially benefit both parties.

Artur Wasil, President of LW Bogdanka:

We are a large company which supports the development of the region and is a responsible employer who gives a sense of stability to our employees and their families. For this reason we constantly work to improve Bogdanka by planning future initiatives which strengthen our position in the market. Photovoltaic farms, which will be erected on our land, will provide pure energy for the production in the mine and will contribute to a decrease of our overheads and an increase of our competitiveness. Along with the project of a power plant located in Stara Wieś and generating energy from synthesis gas extracted from coal, this project is yet another example of responsible planning of Bogdanka’s future in the Enea Group.

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