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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Bogdanka receives an award for its 2012-2013 Responsible Business Report

Wednesday, 2014-12-10

Orange, Bogdanka, Energa and Tauron rated as the companies with the best social responsibility reports in the 8th edition of the ”Social Reports: Awards for the Best Reports on the Social Responsibility of Business” competition. The winners of the competition are Orange Polska S.A., Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., Energa S.A. and Tauron Polska Energia S.A. The results were announced at the Social Reports 2014 conference on 9 December 2014.

The EU directive on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information will become part of Poland’s legislation as of 2017. Many companies are already exceeding the requirements set out in the new law and publish their ‘social reports’ (or, more specifically, social responsibility reports) to disclose information on their impact on the environment and society. These reports contain non-financial information to an extent larger than what is required by the above directive. For the past eight years, the Responsible Business Forum Association, PwC and SGS have organised a competition called Social Reports to award the best of such reports. The winners in the different categories of this year’s edition are: Orange Polska S.A., Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., Energa S.A. and Tauron Polska Energia S.A.

This year the main panel of judges, a panel of journalists, as well as Internet users and the Ministry of Economy picked the best reports from a total of 31 publications. Last year, there were thirty-two entries. The difference is the result of different reporting cycles. Some companies publish their reports in two- or even three-year cycles. Also, the period for entries is normally September/October, which is when some companies are still in the process of preparing their reports. Compared to the previous years (INFOGRAFIKA), the largest number of social responsibility reports come from the power-engineering, food and financial industries. In this year’s edition, there were 6, 5 and 5 entries respectively. In terms of the number of employees, the majority of the reports come from large companies (28 entries), followed by medium-sized enterprises (2) and small businesses (1). The most popular reporting standard is the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Out of the 31 reports in this year’s edition, 28 were based on these guidelines.



The main criteria in the assessment and selection of the reports included completeness, reliability and communication. In this year’s edition of the Social Reports competition, the CSR reports rated best in terms of the above categories were as follows:

Orange Polska S.A.: The Orange Polska 2013 Social Responsibility Report was awarded for:
•  its exceptional clarity of presenting the company’s social mission that is also its business mission;
•  its excellent form of presenting the company’s CSR activity, particularly for the extensive presentation of the measurable and non-measurable result of its activities, as well as for the graphic form of the report, its easy-to-follow structure and completeness;
•  for the stakeholders’ effective involvement in the preparation of the report.

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., 2012-2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report”
The judges appreciated the concise, comprehensive and trend-setting presentation of the company’s responsibility areas and of the activities it has undertaken.
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., 2012-2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report”
The Ministry of Economy awarded the report for presenting the company’s understanding of the idea of CSR in the different areas of the mining sector, as well as for a clear description of the company’s role in the supply chain, and for valuable descriptions of how the company manages the innovation and environmental aspects of its business.  


Energa SA.: Our Responsibility 2013 Report. The panel of journalists appreciated the report for the easy-to-follow and well-thought-out structure of the report and for the professional presentation of the company’s business in the CSR report.


Tauron Polska Energia SA.: Sustainable Development Report of the TAURON Group for 2013”


Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.: CSR 2013 Report

The judges awarded an honourable mention to this report for its professionally-arranged structure in line with the expectations of the stakeholders.

Grupa Żywiec S.A.: BREWING A BETTER FUTURE REPORT. The judges awarded an honourable mention to this report for the inclusion, once again, of information on the financial and tax impact on the economy and society.

Kompania Piwowarska S.A.: Sustainable Development Report of Kompania Piwowarska 2014. The judges awarded an honourable mention to this report for the extended presentation of the diversity aspect and the supply chain and for the inclusion of an SROI analysis.

Tauron Polska Energia S.A.: Sustainable Development Report of the TAURON Group for 2013. The judges awarded an honourable mention to this report for the brave use of the Internet.

All the reports entered in the competition are available in the REPORT LIBRARY on the competition’s website at www.raportyspoleczne.pl.

“Disclosing information on a company’s social and environmental commitment helps to better evaluate how seriously the company takes the responsibility for the community and environment it operates in. The social reports we evaluated in this year’s edition of the competition are even more complete and reliable as a source of information on the companies’ strategies and their CSR activities. I hope that their popularity as a source of information will grow among investors, as well as customers and consumers,” says Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, the president of the Responsible Business Forum Association and the head of the panel of judges in the competition.

The judges in the Social Reports competition give awards for the best prepared corporate social responsibility reports.

The idea behind the initiative is to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable development, environment protection and social engagement. The initiative is addressed to enterprises and organisations that publish reports on their activities in these areas. The first edition of the competition was organised in 2007. The project is organised by the Responsible Business Forum Association, PwC and SGS (formerly CSR Consulting).

The primary goals of the competition are to draw public attention to the importance of non-financial reporting and to show good practices in this regard. The initiative rewards enterprises that carry on their business activities while taking in account the interests of society and the environment and presenting their activities in published reports clearly, transparently and reliably. The competition contributes to the transparency of operations and to dialogue with stakeholders.


The mission of the Responsible Business Forum Association, the CSR largest nongovernmental organisation in Poland, is to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility as a standard in Poland, in order to make businesses more competitive, to make the public more satisfied and to improve the environment. The Association was founded in 2000 on the initiative of business, academic and nongovernmental stakeholders. It has the status of ‘public benefit organisation’. Since 2002, the Forum has been a national partner of CSR Europe, a network of organisations that promote the idea of corporate social responsibility in Europe. The Responsible Business Forum Association is Poland’s first and only nongovernmental organisation to deal with corporate social responsibility (CSR) comprehensively. For more, visit www.odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl.

PwC is a leading global organisation that provides professional advisory services. Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 180,000 people in 158 countries, we build relationships with our clients by providing services based on quality, transparency and integrity.PwC provides a comprehensive range of advisory corporate responsibility (CR) services, especially by supporting its clients in building their CR strategies, helping them to prepare CR reports and to verify their reliability. Since the early days of its presence in Poland, PwC has been involved in activities supporting local communities, young people on the labour market, and the environment. At present, PwC Poland is coordinating the company’s CSR activities in 24 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, an organisation called Podaruj Siebie PwC Foundation operates in Poland.

SGS is the global leader and innovator in inspection, certification, advisory, monitoring and testing services, offering its services to a large group of clients in various sectors and industries.Founded in 1878, it stands out as a global quality and integrity model. It employs more than 70,000 people in nearly 1,350 laboratories and offices located in 150 countries. Since October 2011, CSR Consulting has been part of SGS Poland. CSR Consulting was a co-originator of the Social Reports competition and one of the first companies in Poland to offer a comprehensive range of advisory services in the area of corporate social responsibility. The SGS Sustainability team provides services in strategy development and implementation, CSR analysis and reporting, as well as eco-design, carbon footprint analysis, social audits and anti-corruption audits. Combining its testing and verification competence with advisory services allows the company to effectively support its clients in the areas of sustainable development and corporate responsibility in Poland and worldwide.

Source: www.raportcsr.pl

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