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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Comments of LW „Bogdanka” concerning the announcement of CBA

Monday, 2008-11-24
The inspection executed by CBA (Central Anticorruption Bureau) in  LW „Bogdanka” resulting in the notification of committed crime to District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, confirmed the previous knowledge of the Company  about the irregularities associated  with the forwarding contracts on coal transportation concluded and performed by the Company in the year 2002 .
This case has been encompassed by the inspection proceedings continued in the Company since several years (2003) by ABW, CBŚ and NIK and supervised by the Prosecutor’s Offices in Lublin and in Łódź. In connection with this case also the criminal proceedings are continued in the Court Łódź since 2006 versus a former member of the Management of the Company prosecuted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź.

 The Management LW „Bogdanka” monitors aforesaid criminal proceedings and considers potential legal action to be undertaken under the civil law procedure as well as criminal proceeding in order to vindicate the claims for compensation as a result of significant property loss incurred by the company versus the former member of the Management of the Company.
The possibility to take aforesaid action by the Company depends in significant degree on the result of the criminal proceedings being continued, owing to legal conditions.
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