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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Characteristics of coal deposit

The mine Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. is located in the part of Lubelskie Coal Basin (LZW) with the largest resources of hard coal. Its construction was accompanied by extreme uncertainty about the geological and mining conditions.
The factors contributing to the aforesaid uncertainty encompassed among others: the difficult scheme of deposit development on significant depth, under water-logged overlay and anticipated complicated tectonic conditions. Potential complicated tectonic conditions were suggested by the example of Lwowsko-Wołyńskie Basin and seemed to be confirmed by the interpretation of the results obtained from the geophysical and seismic research. However these expectations have not confirmed as the result of further investigations and the deposit cutting through mining excavations. The structure of deposit appeared to be simple. Any presumed faults indicated by seismic research appeared to be the rock mass irregularities in the areas of insignificant flexural deflections of deposits.

The geological structure of the deposit in Lubelskie Coal Basin significantly differs from the structure of Upper Silesian deposit. The most important factors charactering the structure in Lubelskie Coal Basin are:

  • significant thickness of overlay i.e. about 700m,
  • almost horizontally deposited coal beds and rock layers,
  • relatively weak carboniferous rocks,
  • lack of any significant faults,
  • Jurassic  rocks affected by water inflow and deposited in carboniferous roof with significant waters pressure as well as a layer of liquefying and dispersing sandstone.

The resources of coal stone in the mine Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. are as follows:

  • balance resources - about 600 million tons,
  • industrial resources - about 330 million tons,
  • operative resources  - about 255 million tons.

There were many changes of the mining area of the mine and its resources. The last correction consisting in the change of boundaries in the northern and western part occurred in 1998. Further changes of the mining area are planned in south direction in the form of the incorporation of part of resources from the area K-3. In this area with the surface of 30 km2, the coal deposits 385/2, 389 and 391 with the resources of about 100 million tons are particularly interesting.
The deposits being actually exploited by Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A.. can be characterized as follows:

The deposit 382 is situated in the northern and central part of the mining area. The thickness of the deposit is variable and amounts 2,00-2,60 m in the northern – west part up to 2,2-3,20 in the eastern part of deposit. In its northern – west corner the thickness of the deposit amounts 1,30 m. The lowest thickness values, under 1,20 m are achieved by the deposit in its southern part. The deposit has been documented as an off balance item in this area..

The basic quality parameters for deposit 382:

  • type of coal 31, 32, 33,
  • ash content [%] between 5,71 and 38,47, average value 13,12,
  • calorific value [kJ/kG] [%] between 17 107 and 28 419, average value 26 427,
  • total sulphur content [%]between 0,72 and 2,16, average value 1,40.

The deposit has been exploited since 1982 and is already exhausted in significant degree.

The deposit 385/2 can be characterized as one of most regular and rich coal resources existing within the mining field in Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. Its thickness is included between 0,90 m and 2,25 m, average thickness amounts 1,55 m. The maximum value of the deposit thickness is achieved in the central and western part of the mining area..

The basic quality parameters for deposit 385/2:

  • type of coal 32, 33, 34,
  • ash content [%] between 3,59 and 35,19, average value 8,37,
  • calorific value [kJ/kG] between 19 878 and 30 226, average value 25 972,
  • total sulphur content [%] between 0,52 and 2,72, average value 1,11.

The deposit has been exploited since 1997, initially in the field V only. Five (5) walls have been extracted in that area. In December 2005, the commissioning of the first longwall (1/IV) took place in the field IV developed in this deposit.


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