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Invest in Coal during the Summer

Thursday, 2013-08-01
It’s high summer. Most of us are still thinking about a holiday rest, some however have been providently preparing for the upcoming heating season. The text below, published in our service, will help answer the question whether it is worth buying coal already in the summer.

According to the data provided by the Polish Central Statistics Office, almost 50% of households in Poland are heated with the use of solid fuels (mainly coal, wood and biomass) and 40% use the heat distribution network. Only 10% of houses are heated with natural gas. In the case of small entrepreneurs producing heat for their own purposes, the above division is similar. Those who do not employ solid fuels, heat network or natural gas, use liquid fuels such as liquid gas and heating oil. Due to high investment costs, still few facility owners make use of the environmentally-friendly energy sources (heat pumps, solar collectors). Electric heating is used by house owners occasionally. If it is used at all, only hot water for daily purposes is prepared this way. When analysing the costs of heating, it is advised to compare the costs of energy obtained from particular fuels.

62,75 zł/GJ
110,34 zł/GJ
181,76 zł/GJ
* Source: Agencja Rynku Energii S.A. (The Energy Market Agency), Europejski Biuletyn Cenowy Nośników Energii (European Price Bulletin for Energy Sources) issue 4(258), April 2013

The prices of fuels and energy indicate that payments for heat constitute significant expenditure both for households and businesses. It means that coal will be the dominant fuel used for heating houses for a long time. Currently, coal, just as wood, has its revival. This is due to economic reasons and new heating devices.
For many years, the boiler rooms were stacked with the simplest, out of date heating boilers in which the furnace makes usually a whole with the chamber for fuel. In the 1990, first coal boilers with automatic feeder appeared in Poland. Even though initially these boilers were much more expensive than the traditional ones, the amount of ash generated, as well as cleaner fumes caused local governments and people erecting detached houses to begin showing interest in such solution. Now, producers of boilers for solid fuels simply outrun one another in offering solutions more and more modern, safe, user-friendly and cost-effective. Unlike the older models, the new ones offer higher efficiency and an option of automated regulation of combustion process. Exhaust fumes from modern heating systems contain much less carbon monoxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and dusts, being thus less burdensome for the environment. However, first and foremost, making use of traditional solid fuels, such as coal, has the best economic grounds. Very important: such fuel must be dry.

Humid coal not only disturbs the work of a boiler, which may cause its destruction, but also significantly shortens its lifecycle. Therefore, if someone uses or intends to use coal for heating purposes, it is worth to plan the purchase and transport when it is warm and dry outside. Summer months are thus the best time for coal purchases. We are not subject to burdensome queues and producers offer coal in favourable prices, which allows for additional savings.
Speaking briefly: such purchases are better investments than even the most profitable bank deposits.

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