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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Waste management

2_435Pursuant to the Act on waste, the entrepreneur is obliged to recover and to utilize any waste generated in the facility. Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. is in the possession of the waste management program for the waste generated in the facility..
In the framework of aforesaid program and in the framework of environment programs – Environment Management System – any waste types which are suitable for use – are recycled and handed over to authorized entities for their use. Remaining types of waste including hazardous substances are handed over for neutralization. The efforts of our mine are targeted towards the maximum possible recovery of mining waste and its economical utilization.

Waste recovery consists in its use in reclamation process and for clinker bricks production in ZCB (Building Ceramic Facility) in Bogdanka. This way more than 95% of obtained mining waste is economically used..

The largest amount of waste is used in the reclamation process in degraded areas (various types of after-exploitation excavations), as subcrust for local roads and in ZCB (Building Ceramic Facility) in Bogdanka.

Demand for earth masses to be used for the overhauls of exiting and for the construction of the new river embankments, significantly increased as a result of increased frequency of local floods.

3_323Since 2001, several research works of potential use of Carboniferous rocks in wide scope of hydro-engineering construction have been carried out by Instytut Melioracji i Użytków Zielonych (IMUZ) Falenty [Institute for Land Improvement and Grassland]. Except of standard tests (physico – chemical testing), the research scope encompassed among others the following parameters: water permeability, shear strength, compressibility, sensibility to weathering, impact of water, frost on rocks etc. Aforesaid works have been completed and guidelines have been elaborated in the year 2002.

Basing upon the guidelines of IMUZ, the mine used the mining waste for the construction of the dyke for reservoir – mining water settling pond during the period 2001-2004. Almost 300.000 thousand tons of Carboniferous rocks have been used for this purpose.


Specification  2001  2002  2003 2004
 Mining waste – total (thousand ton)  1672,11  1808,45  2035,71  2093,15
 Stored waste (thousand ton)  17,88  —  -42,94  143,86*
 Utilized waste (thousand ton)  1654,23 1808,45  2078,65 1949,29

* including stored waste - 100,00 thousand ton, stored waste - 43,86 thousand ton.

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