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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

For our customers – Bogdanka’s new signs system

Thursday, 2009-11-26


For convenience of our customers and for all visitors of Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., a new system of signing the plant’s area has been put in service. The system was designed in cooperation with an outsourced company offering such solutions; the company also prepared and installed the signs and marks.
The assumptions for the new system included clarity, complexity and correspondence to the existing corporate identification guidelines.

The first information boards direct drivers to Bogdanka already on the national road no. 82: in Stara Wieś for those who drive from Łęczna, and in Albertów – for those arriving from Włodawa and Chełm. The marking system covered Bogdanka, the Stefanów shaft and Nadrybie shaft. Customers driving to collect coal, brick or stone are directed up to their final destinations.

The boards show directions to the following locations:
- offices of the Management Board;
- pithead building – majority of manufacturing division’s offices;
- sale of coal: coal dust and thick products;
- stone scales;
- materials delivery – central warehouse;
- Construction Ceramics Plant and EkoKLINKIER Sale Department.

New signing replaced the existing boards which were incomplete, incoherent in terms of shape and colour and outworn.
The system will be developed soon, so that majority of locations at LW Bogdanka S.A. will be accessible without any problems.

Elements of the whole direction system are shown below.

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23 of January 2021
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